After a Certain Kind of Vandalism, Vehicle Owners Want Tips on How to Fix Deep Key Scratch in Paint

Unfortunately, the form of vandalism known as keying a car is relatively common. Seeing that key line in the paint is dismaying to the vehicle owner, especially since vandals seem particularly attracted to newer cars and those that are a bit pricey. Obviously, the owner wants to quickly get the car looking like new again, and is likely to do an online search about how to fix deep key scratch in paint.

Why Does This Happen?

These scratches tend to be quite long, a foot or more in length. Why do vandals take this kind of action? It wouldn’t seem that they get anything out of it.


Sometimes it appears the person is simply jealous because somebody else has an attractive car parked out in the lot. Maybe this individual was having a particularly bad day, maybe especially in regard to finances. This person feels like there’s no way to ever afford anything nice. The sight of that lovely vehicle was too much to handle. It’s sheer envy and the vandal hopes to make the vehicle owner’s day a little worse.

Letting Off Steam

Somebody may get mad because of the way this vehicle owner parked. The irate man or woman decides it’s time to teach the inconsiderate driver a thing or two. Or somebody is upset because his or her ex has a new romantic interest. Scratching that person’s car with a key lets off some steam.

Fixing the Problem

This type of vandalism actually is considered criminal activity, but it’s hard to catch someone who has done this. Insurance probably won’t cover the repair because comprehensive deductible usually is higher than the cost of the paint and other necessary components, as well as the relatively minimal amount of labor at an auto body shop.

Vehicle owners typically never know why this happened to their ride, although they have several choice words for the vandal who ran a key along the surface. The none-too-flattering terms often address the person’s lack of intelligence. Cursing and hoping for karma don’t resolve the problem, though. Finding and purchasing a product like the Ultimate Car Scratch Remover System may do the trick.