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36 hours – sounds like fantastic when talking about duration of action of erectile dysfunction medication, but it is true. A brand new medicine which widened time frame of causing necessary effect and thus took an appropriate place among impotence fighting drugs.

We are talking about Cialis, a medication ready to perfume stable effect for extremely long period of time. Impotence has never been cured so effectively before!
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About Cialis
How it acts? Cialis affects the blood pressure in men’s genitalia increasing it to the necessary point. Along with it the pill reduces the tension of muscles in the area letting the blood pressure to cause its effect. Moreover, Cialis improves not only sexual sphere of men’s life but is capable to fix some heart problems and ease prostatic troubles (benign prostatic hyperplasia). Long lasting effect is guaranteed taking one pill for 24 hours. Bear in mind that medication shouldn’t be taken more often that once a day.

Take into consideration:

• The pill is taken as needed. There is no treatment course for this medication so there is no need to worry about missing the dose;

• The medication starts acting 20-60 minutes since it has been taken. The duration of action reaches 36 hours;

• 10 mg is the most appropriate dose to start with;

• The medication is easy to buy online. Cialis is sold at a very competitive price with various terms of purchasing;

• Those patients who were observing blood or heart troubles lately should consult their doctor before they buy Cialis;

• Storage conditions for this pills are similar to those which are typical for most drugs: dry, cool place with the temperature not exceeding 30 degrees above zero.

• Keep away from small children.

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